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Locating Copies of Old Sim Computer Games

Starting places to find copies of old computer games.


When I moved I misplaced copies of a few of my favorite games. They were old computer games, but not all is lost. If you are in the same situation, or maybe you heard about a great game you just have to have, there are ways to get older games. You just might have to get creative and stop thinking of the usual ways to buy games.

Auction WebSites

You've probably used them before, or at least browsed one, on auction websites you can often find people selling their old "junk". These sites are a great resource for locating old games, that stores no longer carry. Plus, you have the chance to name your price, instead of having to buy the game at retail. But remember, if the game is popular (like the original "SimCity") you may actually end up paying more.

Bargain Bins

Some games don't have a long shelf life, and end up in the bargain bin. Fish around next time, you may come across an old treasure. Who knows what the store is trying to get rid of!

Garage Sales

Sometimes people just don't know what they are getting rid of! I know of a person who found 3 new versions of expansion packs for "The Sims" for an incredibly low price. Of course, they aren't old games, but it's just an example of potential finds at garage sales.

Game Packs

Maybe the game isn't being sold by itself anymore! Maxis' older sim games are a great example of this. Games like "SimTower," "SimCity Classic," and "SimAnt" are now being sold in packs. Explore this option, you'll find some real good deals.

Online Stores

Not always a good place to find old games, but online stores usually discount games that aren't selling or they need to get rid of. It's easier for online stores to keep games on the shelf, since they have unlimited space, well except warehouse space. Either way, it's worth a try!

Ask Around

Does that guy behind the counter at your local computer game store look especially geeky or knowledgeable? Store clerks are just one group of people you can ask about the game. Maybe someone you know knows someone who has an a copy. Maybe even your best friend. So ask around, you just may find what you are looking.
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