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How To Take a ScreenShot


Have you ever wanted to show off a great picture in your game, but didn't know how? Some games have special ways to create screenshots. For those games that don't, here's an easy way to create your own screenshots.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Start your favorite graphics program.
  2. Once your graphics program has opened, start your game.
  3. Start playing the game.
  4. When you get to scene you want to take a screenshot of hit the PRTSCN button. This button is usually near the scroll lock.
  5. Use the ALT - TAB command to switch to your graphics program.
  6. Press CTRL - V at the same time to paste your screenshot into your graphics program.
  7. You know have a screenshot of your game. Make sure to save it under a file name and directory you will remember.
  8. Many times screenshots are very large, it is useful to resize the screenshot. This will reduce the file size depending on the amount of resizing you do.


  1. Save the screenshot under a file name and directory you will remember.
  2. Resize your screenshot. This is especially important if you are going to email or upload your file.
  3. Mac Users - Press [Apple] + [Shift] + [3] to take a screenshot in PICT format. This will save the picture automatically for you under the hard drive.
  4. Instead of using this tedious technique, try using SnagIt. (link below)

What You Need

  • Computer Game
  • Graphics Program

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