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Top 3 Zip File Programs


Downloading extras for our games is popular, many times downloads are in zip format. In order for us to use downloads, we need to unzip them using a special zipping program. Once you become proficient with a zipping program, you can use it to share your own files!

1) WinZip

WinZip is probably the most popular zipping program. It is shareware, so you have 30 days to try it free. After 30 days, Winzip asks you pay for the program, but the program won't stop working. Important features to mention: integration with Windows, extract multiple file at once, create self-extracting files, and a wizard to walk you through the process.

2) Stuff-it Expander

A free tool for Windows 98 and higher, including XP. Expander is a zipping program with a simple drag and drop interface. It is completely free and never nags about making a purchase.
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3) ZipGenius

A totally free zipping program from ZipGenius, that integrates well with the Windows XP interface. Two languages are available Italian and English.

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