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"The Sims Online"

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"The Sims Online"

Electronic Arts

The Bottom Line

You'll either love or hate "The Sims Online." If you enjoy chatting with strangers and have ever wanted to be a Sim, you may enjoy the online version.

Update: You can no longer play "The Sims Online." In August 2008, Electronic Arts shut down "The Sims Online" servers.

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  • role-play or be yourself
  • meet other fans of "The Sims"


  • gameplay can become dull if you let it
  • lots of time needed to fully develop your sim
  • economic system still needs work


  • Release Date: December 19, 2002
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • An online version of "The Sims" with new features and objects geared towards social interactions.
  • Create and customize (face and clothes) a Sim in your image or be a completely different person.
  • Build a residential property or a growing business. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Build a network of friends in a virtual world.
  • Parental controls available to keep kids out of adult homes, and chat with only their friends.
  • New group objects for made just for "The Sims Online" - pizza maker, code game, maze, and more.
  • New expressions to use, such as laugh, headstand, burp, high-five, arrogant, and more!
  • Property filters including: top 100 and type of home (game, romance, skills, etc.)

Guide Review - "The Sims Online"

To be successful in "The Sims Online" you need lots of time to build up skills and to earn money. This type of game doesn’t allow you to play just once a week. Time is needed to build skills, earn money, and maintain friendships.

Many have said "The Sims Online" is nothing but a fancy chat room. There is some truth to this. After all, the game is about socializing.

Since there is no fast forward you'll spend much of your time watching your Sim work on skills and talking to yourself, since most people are not at their keyboards. On the positive, it is fun meeting other people and new features should improve gameplay.

Game bugs and skewed economic system still need to be worked on. Long time fans of the game will probably enjoy the online version.

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