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Before You Upgrade or Buy a New Computer


Computer games are becoming more demanding with each new release. If your computer is just barely or not meeting minimum system requirements it may be time to upgrade or buy a new computer. While buying a new computer may be your first thought, you should also considering which hardware doesn't meet your needs and if you can upgrade easily.

Age of Current Computer

If your computer is 3 or more years old, I don't recommend upgrading. Your current computer components may not support the latest technology (like the lastest processors), and will need to be upgraded eventually.

What is wrong with your current computer?

So you've checked the system requirements for a game you want, and something in your computer just isn't up to part. Do you need more RAM, processing power, or a new video card? If the part is easy to upgrade, while the rest of the computer is in a great shape, upgrade!

Can you do the upgrade yourself?

While you may not feel comfortable installing a new motherboard and processor (ask your techy friend to!), installing a new graphics card or more RAM is something you can do. Research the installation process; you may be surprised how easy some upgrades are!


Your budget is probably the most important to consider. Although, keep in mind, a good quality computer can be bought for 500 dollars. Think about the cost of parts you want to upgrade, versus getting a new one, which leads us to our next point to consider.

Shop Around / Price Comparison

So you think you found a good deal? Keep looking! You can always go back to the first place you looked. Pricewatch.com is my first stop in shopping for new computer parts.
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