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Top 10 Popular Simulation Games


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The Sims 2
"The Sims 2"
Ever wonder what other gamer's favorite games are? Is your favorite game a favorite among the majority of sim gamers visiting this site? This list shows the most popular sim games at this About.com website.

1) "The Sims 2"

"The Sims 2" builds upon the core game of "The Sims." This time we have a 3D world, aging, genetics, and aspirations. "The Sims 2" is addicting and is sure to keep fans of the series up late at night.

2) "The Sims"

You control a family of people called Sims. You have power over their job, relationships, when they eat, how much sleep they get, and so much more. Building and decorating their homes is one of my favorite things to do.

3) "The Movies"

"The Movies" does it all. You can manage a movie studio or you can make your own movies. The game gives you some goals, but really, the game is open-ended and just wanting for you to decide how you want to run your movie studio. Will you just produce romances? Or maybe you'll specialize in horror flicks.

4) "SimCity 4"

Build, create, manage and city with Will Wright's "SimCity 4." This should be on every fan of city building games. It has additive play that pushes you to be creative in solutions and allows you to experiment with city planning at the same time.

5) "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004"

"Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004" is the most comprehensive and thorough civilian flight sim on the market (plus there are hundreds of add-ons). There are literally thousands of airports to fly too. And the flight instruction school will help any newbie get started.
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6) "Black and White 2"

You are God. At least you get to pretend to be in "Black and White 2." Fill your people with fear as the evil god or be a good God and answer every prayer. Actually being God, isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds. The strategy required is limited with much of the objectives being solved in a couple of ways. The good news is that the graphics are pretty and scalable beyond my expectations.

7) "Fish Tycoon"

"Fish Tycoon" shows us just how addicting and fun real-time games can be. You'll find yourself checking to see if your baby fish have grown and what new hybrid breeds you have created. "Fish Tycoon" is a game that you play a little here and a little there, you don't sit and play for 5 hours straight.

8) "Zoo Tycoon 2"

One of the reasons I believe "Zoo Tycoon 2" is so popular, is because it is a family friendly game. Together parents and children can learn about the zoo animals and enjoy watching them interact with each other, while learning a little about business. For the adult gamer, "Zoo Tycoon 2" offers hours of relaxing, enjoyable playing time.

9) "The Sims 2 Nightlife"

"The Sims 2 Nightlife" adds new features that players have wanted for since the series began and some features from the original series were added. The big features of the expansion are cars, dating, Downtown, and the addition of the Pleasure Aspiration.

10) "The Sims 2 University"

Greek houses, mascots fighting, sprinklers going off, resurrecting dead Sims, and water balloons are just some of the new additions of "The Sims 2 University" that will give your Sims memories they will keep forever.

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