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"A340 Professional"


A340 Professional

A340 Professional

Just Flight


Just Flight


Phoenix Simulation Software

Release Date:

April 2004

"A340 Professional" Released For:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 & 2002

Add-on Description:

The A340 and A330 dominate Europe's skies, and now they can dominate the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on reproduces the planes while keeping close attention to the details.

"A340 Professional" Screenshots

"A340 Professional" Features:

  • Eight variants with 42 airline liveries with detailing up to PSS' usual exacting standards
  • Full compliment of moving parts
  • Hanging undercarriage bogies
  • Operating passenger and cargo doors
  • Working windscreen wipers visible in the 2D and VC cockpits
  • Animated 3D Engine fans & reversers
  • Reflection and specula mapped hi-detail textures
  • Flexing wings
  • Hard coded wingtip vortices with high humidity/lift
  • Hard coded engine intake vapour effects
  • Hard coded multiple flashing strobe lamps (not effect files)
  • Four different, accurate flight models, tested by real Airbus pilots.
  • Accurate sound sets for all variants
  • Highly accurate instrument panels with FS2004 featured virtual cockpits.
  • Payload editor tool utility
  • Panel configuration utility
  • Fuel planner
  • Extensive on-line manuals

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