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BAT : "SimCity 4" Building Architect Tool

The BAT allows gamers to make custom 3D buildings for "SimCity 4."


The BAT for SimCity 4

Making Buildings with gmax for "SimCity 4."

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The Building Architect tool, commonly known as the BAT, is the official tool from Maxis for players to create custom buildings for "SimCity." The tool is actually three programs: Lot Editor, Building Architect a game pack for gmax, and the Plug-In Manager

Each part of the suite of tools in the BAT has an important role in the creation of a new lot for "SimCity 4." In the Building Architect game pack for gmax you will create 3D models. You'll create plug-ins for the game with the Plug-In Manager. The Lot Editor will function like before, except you will now be able to import your buildings made with gmax. You can then add props to your new buildings.

To start creating new lots you'll need the following:

  • "SimCity 4" patch
  • Updated Lot Editor
  • gmax
  • Building Architect Tool
  • "SimCity 4" Deluxe or "SimCity 4" & "Rush Hour"
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