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How To Use Downloaded Regions in 'SimCity 4'


Players have found a way to create regions for "SimCity 4." Regions creates a new neighborhood of cities.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. Download a region for "SimCity 4."
  2. If the region is zipped up, unzip the files (probably a jpeg and .bmp) to My Documents\SimCity
  3. If the file is not zipped up, save the jpeg and bmp, if there is one, to My Documents\SimCity or another folder where you'd like to save new regions.
  4. Start a new region.
  5. To import the downloaded region: [shift] + [alt] + [ctrl] + r.
  6. Choose the jpg you downloaded from the file browser.
  7. Be patient. Depending on your computer and the size of the jpg it could take awhile.

What You Need

  • Downloaded Region
  • "SimCity 4"
  • Zip Program
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