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"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" (PC)


Singles Flirt Up Your Life

"Singles Flirt Up Your Life"

Screenshot © KOCH Media.


Rotobee (German)


KOCH Media

Release Date:

UK: April 2, 2004, United States: May 24, 2004

"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" Description:

You play two characters, move them into an apartment, and work on their relationship while keeping them happy. "Singles Flirt Up Your Life" is a game about relationships. You'll follow their lives through daily life, but the real fun comes in with their love life. It takes work for them to consider kissing each other, but once the fireworks take off, you can put them in erotic situations.

"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" Screenshots

"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" Features:

  • Free selection of environment, furniture, profession and many more features
  • Skill system enables individual development paths
  • 12 characters in male and female variants
  • 3D engine for characters
  • Detailed high-poly models – up to 30,000 polygons
  • True-to-life display of the human body
  • Realistic facial expressions
  • Dynamic shadows in a True3D world
  • Romantic-erotic situations
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"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" System Requirements:

Pentium III, 500 Mhz, TNT2 mit 16MB (32 MB recommended), Sound card, Windows ME, 2000, XP Recommended: 1 GHz Athlon or equivalent Geforce or equivalent 256 MB; 3D sound card Windows 2000, XP, ME
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