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Creating Skins for "The Sims"

Make skins for The Sims using a few tools and following tutorials.


My favorite part about "The Sims" is the extent that you can customize the game. By being able to create and download new files for the game, it keeps it fresh and fun. Skins are an important part of the game. After all, in "The Sims," clothes usually define the Sim. Creating your own skins can be rewarding and fun. Below I've listed tools you will need and sites with tutorials and resources that will get you started.

Skinning Tools

Tutorial on Making Skins

Sure you could try making skins on your own without any help, but you may want to think about at least reading through some tutorials to get you started. By reading tutorials written by experienced skinners, you will pick up a few tips and tricks to improve your skins.

Moon Sims - Moon Sims has a unique way of presenting the steps to create a skin. The steps are told in a story form, making for an interesting read. Meshes are discussed in an easy to understand way. This tutorial will bring you to the final stage of viewing your newly created skin in Simpose-ium.

Helpful Skinning Links

After a little practice of creating the basic skin, you may want to explore more of your options. Here are some links that provide a little more help and detail about skin making.

Skin Machine - A collection of tutorials on refining your skinning techniques are at the Skin Machine. The tutorials cover shading, hair, and information on advanced tools.

How to Install Skins - Step-by-Step instructions on installing skins from zip files.

Skin Sites - What better way to learn how to skin, then study examples of skins by the "experts."

Enjoy your journey of skin making! Remember with some practice and patience you too can create quality and beautiful skins for your Sims.

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