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Troubleshooting Crashes in "The Sims"


"The Sims" crashing has happened to every fan at one point. Sometimes the problem can be easily solved, other times it may require you to investigate. Most crashes are related to something you've recently done to your computer, whether it be adding new skins, installing a troublesome patch, or a new expansion pack.

Before panic sets in that you have to delete and reinstall everything, ask yourself a few questions. Crashes are usually (not always though) caused by things asked in the troubleshooting questions.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • Are your video drivers updated?
  • Does your computer meet system requirements?
  • Do you have enough free disk space?
  • Did you recently add new skins that may have caused conflicts?
  • Does your sound card support DirectX and has the latest upgrades?
  • Do you have any programs running in the background?
  • Did you recently put in objects without making sure there were no object ID conflicts?
  • Did you download objects for an expansion pack you don't own?
These are just some of the basic questions you should ask yourself every time. Other issues arise when you install a new expansion pack and patches. Usually the crashing can be solved by asking yourself the list of questions above. If you continue to have problems, post about your situation in the forum!

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