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"The Sims" : Help! The Carpool doesn't show!

Missing work because the carpool doesn't come? There is a fix!


You get the hour warning that the car pool is coming, but it doesn't show up? Of course, this can be a real problem because once you miss a couple days of work, you'll be fired. Lucky for you, there is an easy fix! There is a two tile invisible object on each lot, called the car portal. If you use the move_object cheat, sometimes you can accidentally delete it. There is also a portal to allow visitors to come onto your lot.

To fix the problem you will have copy the correct house file for the problem lot from the template house file. The path: C:Program FilesMaxisThe SimsTemplateUserDataHouses. Copy the file for the lot number you have a problem with, for example 3 Sim Lane would be house03.iff. Paste the file into the correct userdata folder. You will need to know the number of the neighborhood the house is in. C:Program FilesMaxisThe SimsUserData##Houses is the path. Replace ## with the neighborhood number. Beware that by doing this, you will be replacing the house that exists on that lot.

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