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"Career Creator Pro"

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"Career Creator Pro"

Abacus Software

The Bottom Line

"Career Creator Pro" may be an unofficial add-on, but for Sim fans who have been longing for the ability to change career tracks, this problem is a great option.


  • customize all aspects of career tracks
  • simple utility to share and download careers
  • easy to use


  • None noted


  • Publisher: Abacus Software
  • Released: October 2002
  • Requires "The Sims" or "The Sims Deluxe" and will work with expansion packs.
  • An unofficial add-on that allows you to create new custom career tracks for "The Sims."
  • "Career Creator Pro" comes with a dozen new careers just waiting to be used in your game.
  • Create new careers and customize salary, carpool cars, work hours, skins, and descriptions.
  • Share and download careers through an easy to use career track sharing utility.
  • Career Manager allows you to activate (use) your careers instead of the default tracks.
  • Easily restore the default career tracks with the restore system option.

Guide Review - "Career Creator Pro"

"Career Creator Pro" is the tool you need to create and customize career tracks. I can't think of anything that the program doesn't allow you to change. Creating a new track is a simple process.

Don't feel intimidated by the fact this program edits game files. You can easily restore the default tracks at any time. To create a new career just follow the steps presented through a wizard type process. Before trying "Career Creator Pro" out I knew I'd be able to customize the hours, salary, and job descriptions, but it allows for much more. You can create chance cards and edit job requirements.

If you have the slightest interest in customizing your own career tracks, you won't be disappointed.

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