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How To Make Money in "The Sims"


Money is needed for Sims to survive in "The Sims." Without money they cannot buy food or pay their bills. There are multiple ways to earn money, not just the tradition job.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. Career Track: The basic way to earn money is to get a regular job by reading the newspaper or searching on the computer. You'll have a set time to be at work and have to meet specific requirements to advance.
  2. Paint: You'll never become rich by painting, but it's a great way to make extra bucks for creative Sims.
  3. Make Gnomes: In the "Living Large" expansion pack you can buy a mechanical bench and make gnomes. Gnomes are quick to make once a Sims mechanic skill reaches 10.
  4. Garden: Gardening could be a hobby or a full time job, and is available in the "Unleashed" expansion pack. By going to Old Town, you can buy seeds. The food you grow can be eaten or sold back for a profit.
  5. Fame: The fame career track in "The Sims Superstar" is like tradition career tracks, except you go to work with the Sim and set your own hours.
  6. Make Preserves: Boggs home canning center is an object you can buy in "Hot Date." By using the canning center Sims gain cooking skill points and can sell the finished product.


  1. Think about the skills your Sim already has when choosing how to make money. If he already is maxed out on mechanical skills, making gnomes is a good idea.

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