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How To Make Skins Buyable


With the expansion packs "Hot Date," "Vacation," and "Superstar" came opportunities to buy skins in the new added places to visit. Skins aren't automatically available Downtown, Vacation Island, or Studio Town. Instead you need to rename the skins to make them buyable in those areas. If you do not want to do the conversion yourself, The Sims File Maid, a third party program will do it for you.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varies

Here's How:

  1. Download CMX Maker from SimWardrobe.
  2. Choose which skin you want to make available to buy and as what clothing type (winter, formal, etc.). This how to will show how to change the skin: B010FaFitmed_leopard.bmp into winter wear, which is type of clothing available for "Vacation." (Yes, I know it's not a winter skin, just an example!)
  3. First you need to understand with every skin there are three files for each outfit. For our example they are:

    Locate the files in your /game data/skins directory.
  4. Open CMX Maker and open the .skn file.
  5. Click save, and name the file W010FaFit in your skin folder. It will be saved in .cmx format.
  6. The next step is to copy the .bmp file.
  7. Rename the copied .bmp file to: W010FaFitmed_leopard.bmp.


  1. Each type of buyable skins begins differently.

    For "Hot Date"
    F - Formal
    L - Pajamas
    S - Swimsuit

    For "Vacation":
    W - Winter Clothing

    For "Superstar":
    H - High Fashion

What You Need

  • "The Sims"
  • Expansion Pack
  • Skins
  • CMX Maker
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