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How To Install "The Sims 2" Custom Content


The Sims 2 Body Shop allows players to create custom parts (such as skins, eye color, skin color) for Sims. Downloading content made by other gamer's will enhance your Sims' wardrobe. When you download custom content for "The Sims 2" the file will come in one of two file formats. Each have their own way to be installed.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Less than 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Method 1: If the file is in .sims2skin format, simply double-click the file to install.
  2. Method 2: If the file is in .package format, you will need to copy the file to C:\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 Body Shop\Downloads\.
  3. Method 3: Use the In-Game Custom Content browser to download content from The Sims 2 Exchange. After downloading the item, it will be available for use in the game.


  1. Make sure The Sims 2 Body Shop is closed before you try installing custom content.
  2. If you plan on sharing custom content you create, use a fan created program Sims2 Packer to convert the file to sims2skin format, for easier installation and sharing.

What You Need

  • The Sims Body Shop
  • Custom Content to Install
  • "The Sims 2" for Method 3
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