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"Rollercoaster Tycoon" Saved Games

The games below were saved right after the scenario was completed, so you can see what it takes to reach the objectives. To download the game click on the park name. For help playing the games in your game, read these instructions. Expansion pack(s) are not required unless specified.

Park Name/Picture Description Creator

Dynamite Dunes
The main attractions at this park is the log rice and giant wooden coaster. The park is decorated with Eygptian scenery and offers a variety of rides for the visitor who prefers gentle rides. Courtney Marchelletta

Forest Frontiers
Forest Frontiers is a small park that is ready to grow. This park has a rollercoaster, car ride, and a few other small rides. Courtney Marchelletta

Leafy Lake
A large park with a little room to grow. This park has over 900 visitor and received the best value park award. Some of the rides in this park include, two rollercoasters, car ride, slides, haunted house, two boat rides and bumper cars. Courtney Marchelletta

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