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"SimCity 4" Hot Keys
Hot Keys, aka shortcuts, for "SimCity 4."
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Sometimes you need to do something quickly, like dispatch fire rescue, in "SimCity 4." Hot keys are shortcuts that allow you to skip moving through menus, and get right to the tool you need.

Hot Keys
F1 God Mode
F2 Mayor Mode
F3 My Sim Mode
F4 Options Panel
[CTRL] + ['] Pause
[CTRL] + [1] Turtle Speed
[CTRL] + [2] Rhino Speed
[CTRL] + [3] Cheetah Speed
[+] Zoom in 1 level
[-] Zoom out 1 level
[1] - [5] Zoom to Z1 - Z5
[Page Up] Rotate Counterclockwise
[Page Down] Rotate Clockwise
[Home] Rotate Building Clockwise
[End] Rotate Building Counterclockwise
[spacebar] Center on cursor
[G] Turn on Grid
[ESC] Close Open Window / Release Tool
[ / ] Query Tool
[Q] Zone Low Density Residential
[W] Zone Medium Density Residential
[E] Zone Heavy Density Residential
[A] Zone Low Density Commerical
[S] Zone Medium Density Commerical
[D] Zone Heavy Density Commericial
[Z] Zone Agriculture
[X] Zone Medium Density Industrial
[C] Zone Heavy Densitry Industrial
[Y] Zone Landfill
[V] De-Zone
[B] Demolish
[CTRL] [F] Dispatch Fire
[CTRL] [P] Dispatch Police
[R] Road Tool
[ALT] [R] Street Tool
[Shift] [R] Highway Tool
[CTRL][Shift][R] Build Bus Stop
[T] Rail Tool
[CTRL][Shift][T] Passenger Depot
[CTRL][ALT][T] Freight Depot
[Shift] [T] Subway Tool
[Shift][ALT][T] Subway Station
[L] Power Lines Tool
[I] Pipes Tool
[P] Build Small Police Station
[ALT] [P] Build Large Police Station
[Shift] [P] Build Jail
[F] Build Small Fire Station
[ALT] [F] Build Large Fire Station
[H] Build Clinic
[ALT] [H] Build Hospital
[K] Build Elementary School
[ALT] [K] Build High School
[Shift] [K] Build City College
F5 Day Only
F6 Night Only
F7 Night & Day
F11 Open Play Options Dialog
F9 Open Graphics Options Dialog
F10 Open Audio Options Dialog
[CTRL] [S] Save City
F8 Exit to Region
F12 Quit SimCity 4
[Num Lock] Hide / Show UI
[CTRL] [X] Open Cheat Code Dialog

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