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"The Sims " Hot Keys
Hot Keys, aka shortcuts, for "The Sims."
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Sometimes you need to do something quickly or maybe you're tired of using the mouse in "The Sims."  Hot keys are shortcuts that allow you to skip moving through some menus, and get right to the tool you need. You won't be able to completely eliminate the use of the mouse, but every bit helps right!

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Hot Keys
P Pause
1 Normal Speed
2 High Speed
3 Ultra Speed
Spacebar Switch character
Tab Toggle between 1st & 2nd stories
_ Select 2nd floor
Page Down Select 1st floor
F1 Live Mode & Extend Control Panel
F9 Buy Mode & Toggle between function/room sort
F3 Build Mode
F4 Camera Mode
F5 Options Mode
+ Zoom in
- Zoom Out
< Rotate world (or object) left
> Rotate world (or object) right
ESC Cancels Pie Menu and tutorial
X Displays next page of items in buy or build mode
Z Displays previous page of items in buy or build mode
[Shift] + Click Buy and place multiple objects in Buy Mode
[Ctrl]+Click Delete pool tile in Pool tool.
Click + Drag In Wall Tool, places wall or fence
[Ctrl] + Click + Drag Delete wall or fence in Wall Tool
A Toggle anti-aliasing
S Toggle shadows
[Ctrl] + S Saves game
Q Quits game

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