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Casino Empire
"Casino Empire"
"Casino Empire"

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As you probably guessed, "Casino Empire" is casino simulation that involves buying casino games, hiring lounge girls, destroying the competition, and more. The title may have the word empire, but it is similar to other tycoon games available - "Rollercoaster Tycoon," "Zoo Tycoon," etc. "Casino Empire" is a management sim that requires good business thinking and "people" skills.


When starting "Casino Empire," you have two choices of modes - sandbox or empire. Sandbox mode gives you the chance to set your own goals. Once you complete a mission in a specific casino, that casino becomes available in sandbox mode. Even if you like sandbox modes better, you'll still have to work your way through the harder missions, unless you want to play the same casinos repeatedly.

Empire mode challenges you to met certain conditions by a specific time. Number of patrons, cash on hand, and building level are some of the goals you'll be challenged to meet. The first mission is a tutorial more than it is a mission. The tutorial will show you the basic features of "Casino Empire," leaving you to explore the rest on your own.

Between the tutorial and simple interface, "Casino Empire" is easy to learn and understand. Each mission begins with an empty casino. You'll have to buy games (craps, slot machines, video poker, etc.) to entice visitors into your casino. On the first building level, you'll have slim pickings of games and services to buy (building levels are completed by meeting a certain number of visitors and cash). What services? Well, you'll need to have a cashier, security, bathrooms, and a café for starters. The services are placed against a wall. You won't actually see what's going on inside, or be able to customize prices.

Once services are built, you'll have to hire staff that is needed for the service to be functional. Some services have special objects. For example, once you have a cashier, you can put ATMs throughout the casino. Once you services and games, you'll want to take care of advertising, sprucing up the outside, hire spies, sabotage competitors, and build hotel rooms. The right combination of all these things, will have visitors beating down your doors.

Well not quite. It takes a bit to get a good amount of patrons to your casino. The first two building levels, don't give you much to work with. Although the services section greatly improves in building level too. But don't count on having the cash to build most of them. Once you get past the initial building and advertising, the money starts to pour in, making the game very easy.

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