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"Train Simulator"
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"Microsoft Train Simulator"

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As you can probably figure out, "Train Simulator," is about taking the controls of a train and completing activities. You'll have the opportunity to travel on routes all over the world, including Asia, North America, and Europe. The trains you'll be able to control are electric, diesel, and steam.

The basic gameplay of "Train Simulator" is simple. You choose which train you wish to control and the route you want to go on. You'll be faced with a variety of activities on each route. Some activities you may have to complete are dealing with defective equipment, or maybe picking up a car. The missions are varied in distance covered, time, and difficulty level. Some routes are rather long, and can last over 2 hours! There are 9 different locomotives, and over 600 miles of track to travel on.

The routes are beautifully created. You'll get to travel through anything from wooded areas to metropolitan areas. One thing the routes do not lack is detail. There are lots of stops on through your trip. You'll be faced with many missions along your route. Yes you will be kept busy, yet, at times the time does seem to go very slowly.

So what else can you do with this game besides travel on routes around the world, complete missions, and control a variety of authentically recreated trains? "Train Simulator" comes with editor tools to create trains, routes, and activities. The tools are a bit difficult to use, but there are some great tutorials on the web to get you started.

The sound really adds to the game. Depending on which view you are in, the sounds of the train change. If you are in the engineer's seat then the sound is much louder than other areas of the train. In the outside view, the sounds are much quieter, and are what you would except to hear if a train was passing by.

"Train Simulator" has beautiful, detailed graphics. As you pass by towns, you'll see houses, cars, and people in the streets. The scenery in rural areas is awesome. Like many games, you'll need to have a good graphics card to really take advantage of the features. You can tweak the graphic quality to get the desired frame rate.

I've never had much of a fasicnation with trains. I've only been on a train a few times, mainly because when I was growing up trains were not a popular method of transportation. However, I found "Train Simulator" to be fun and challenging. There is something about controlling the train and going through metropolitian areas that was satisfying. If you like a lot of action in your games, skip this one. Some of the routes are very long and sometimes uneventful. Overall, the game is a joy to play. If trains interest you, try it out.

Minumin System Requirements

  • Pentium II 266 Mhz equivalent or higher processor with 4 MB 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000
  • 32 MB of RAM for Windows 95, 98, and ME; 64 MB for Windows 2000
  • 500 MB of available hard disk space for minimum install
  • 1.8 GB of available hard disk space for a full install
  • DirectX 7.0a API or later
  • DirectX 7.0a or later compatible 4 MB video card capable of 800X600 resolution in 32K colors
  • DirectX 7.0a or later compatible sound card with speakers or headphones
  • 4x CD-ROM Drive
  • Mouse
  • Super VGA, 16 bit color monitor or better supporting 800 X 600 resolution.
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