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"Bush League Baseball"


Bush League Baseball

Bush League Baseball



Cat Games / MLB


Online, played against other gamers & computers

Cost to Pay:

Free, with option to buy credits to improve team

"Bush League Baseball" Prizes:

Prizes are awarded in Bush League to managers that win division titles, postseason championships and finish at the top of the overall manager rankings. A $100 gift certificate is given to League 1 players, other winners get game credits to use to improve team.

"Bush League Baseball" Description:

In a cartoon-style game, fans mange teams and compete against thousands of other baseball fans. "Bush League Baseball" puts teams in daily match-ups with fictional players, that you can name after people you know. Teams are improved through training, which earns you credits. With credits you can sign players from the waivers or a draft. Gamers are in control of the team hitting and pitching strategies, bullpen usage, and the lineup.
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