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Free sim games are often made by independent developers. It's important to remember this as you browse the offerings of free games. Often times free games are developed by one person, and not by a team of people like retail games.
  1. Free Business Games (17)
  2. Free City Building Games (8)
  3. Free Combat War Games (5)
  4. Free Flight Sims (7)
  5. Free Life Sims (6)
  6. Free Space Sims (3)
  7. Free Sports / Racing (21)
  8. Free Train Sims (6)

Game & Game
Download free simulation games created by Korean game developers. The games are fully functional and ready to be downloaded for free.

Free Online Stock Market Games
Many stock market games on the 'net require you pay a subscription fee. This top picks list has stock market games that are free.

Best Free Online Golf Games
These online golf games range from sophisticated to basic, but they all have two things in common: They're fun, and they are great ways to waste time. Make that three things: They are all free.

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