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Business Games

Business games deal with economical situations, and managing your own business. You'll find links to fan sites and resources about business sims.
  1. Airlines 2 (2)
  2. Cake Mania (6)
  3. Capitalism II (3)
  4. Casino Empire (4)
  5. Casino Mogul (2)
  6. Circus Empire (2)
  7. Corporate Machine, The (3)
  8. Far West (3)
  9. Free Business Games
  10. Hot Dog King (2)
  11. Hotel Giant (4)
  12. Industry Giant II (2)
  13. Kudos: Rock Legend (4)
  14. Locomotion (4)
  15. MoonBase Commander (2)
  16. Movies, The (18)
  17. Patrician 2 (2)
  18. Plant Tycoon (4)
  19. Playboy: The Mansion (2)
  20. Political Machine, The (5)
  21. Port Royale (3)
  22. Puzzles (26)
  23. Railroad Pioneer (2)
  24. Rails Across America (2)
  25. Restaurant Empire (3)
  26. Rock Manager (3)
  27. Shady O'Grady's Rising Star (1)
  28. Sid Meier's Railroads!
  29. Sid Meier's SimGolf (5)
  30. Sim Theme Park (2)
  31. SimCoaster (1)
  32. SimFarm (2)
  33. SimTower (2)
  34. Sports Management Games (132)
  35. Spring Break (3)
  36. Traffic Giant (2)
  37. Tycoon Games (184)
  38. World's Greatest Coasters (1)

Prison Architect
Details on indie developer Introversion's prison management simulation, Prison Architect.

Middle Manager of Justice
Details on Double Fine Productions' free-to-play superhero management sim, Middle Manager of Justice.

Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming
Details on the farm management game, Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming.

Music Wars Rebirth 2
Details on the music industry simulation game, Music Wars Rebirth 2, from Wolverine Studios.

Dead Hungry Diner
Details and information on Dead Hungry Diner, a casual management game from Black Market Games.

The Political Machine 2012
Details on The Political Machine 2012, developer Stardock's third entry in a political simulation series that began in 2004.

Royal Envoy 2 Review
An in-depth review on the casual-oriented building/management game, Royal Envoy 2.

Oval Office: Commander in Chief
Information on the political sim game for PC, Oval Office: Commander in Chief, in which you play as the President of the United States.

Farm Kingdom
Details on the browser-based farming simulation game, Farm Kingdom.

Recettear Review
A review of the shop managing, dungeon delving Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale.

"RollerCoaster Tycoon" Series (PC)
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Frontier Developments
Genre: Simulation, Business
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Airline Tycoon 2
Details on Kalypso Media's lighthearted business management sim, Airline Tycoon 2.

"Zoo Tycoon" Series
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Blue Fang
Genre: Business
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Farm Sims
Farming is hard work. No doubt about that. Sim farming, on the other hand, is simple (usually). Plow, plant, and harvest crops. And maybe even care for animals.

Best Business Games
Don't waste your time on inferior games. Get right to the good ones so you'll enjoy your next gaming session.

Free Game: "The simExchange"
Trade and buy stocks in console and computer games, in a free online sim game called The simExchange. The simExchange is available for free online.

Free Stock Market Games
Before investing your life savings into the stock market, find out how well your money would fare with your current knowledge. Or just challenge your friends to see who can make the most money.

"TV Station Manager" Game Demo (PC)
Your big decisions in TV Station Manager are to decide which shows and ads go on air and in which time slot. TV Station Manager demo comes with some features disabled.

"Build-a-lot" Game Demo
Buy land or houses (or build a house), make improvements, and sell or keep for the rent. As a real estate developer, the town mayor gives you goals to meet (build a municipal building, have a number of a certain type of house, etc.). "Build-a-lot" is fast-paced with an arcade flavor.

"Sim Mania 3" (PC)
Buy a collection of 6 Maxis Games in the Sim Mania 3 pack. Sim Mania 3 comes with SimCopter, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, SimGolf, and a few more computer games.

"Big Oil: Build an Oil Empire" (PC)
Take on the role of an owner of an oil company and see how the market reacts to your decisions in the computer game, Big Oil: Build an Empire.

Unusual Sims

Are you a bit bored with "traditional" computer sim games? Looking for something off the beaten path? If so, you might consider taking a leap of faith on one or more of the following titles. While they might not necessarily be the best of their respective genres, they are notable for being highly unusual.

Build-a-lot Review
A review of the computer game, Build-a-lot.

Cities in Motion
Details on the transportation management simulation, Cities in Motion.

Cities in Motion Pre-order Bonus Vehicles
Screenshots of the five bonus vehicles included for those who pre-order Cities in Motion.

Cities in Motion Review
An in-depth review of Paradox Interactive's Cities in Motion transportation management sim.

Family Farm
Learn more about the computer game Family Farm, which is part business game and part life sim.

Wildlife Park 3
Details on the zoo management game Wildlife Park 3 for PC.

Farm Craft Review
A review of the casual-oriented farming game, Farm Craft.

Patrician IV: Gold Edition
Details on economic sim Patrician IV: Gold Edition for Windows PC.

Skillz: The DJ Game
Details on music sim Skillz: The DJ for the PC platform.

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