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Free Business Simulation Games

Business sim games cover a lot of ground, from running a pizza place to trading stock on Wall Street. Download the free business games to support independent developers.

Free Game: "McDonald's Videogame"
McDonald's fast food places are everywhere! Play a computer game based on the McDonald's and see what it takes it run the place and deal with ethical situations. Play the free Flash today.

Free Game: "The simExchange"
Trade and buy stocks in console and computer games, in a free online sim game called The simExchange. The simExchange is available for free online.

"Ore No Ryomi 2"
Test your patience as manager of a fast-food restaurant in the free game, "Ore No Ryomi 2."

"Simutrans" is a transport and economic sim game. The game is in constant development as a hobby for a large group of gamers.

"Food Force" : Free Sim Game
Help the people of Sheylan, an island in the Indian Ocean, get food in after a disaster in Food Force.

"Chart Wars"
223K; This is a freeware simulation of the music industry. You hire bands, release records, plan road trips, and more.

"Fantasy Stock Market"
Play the stock market online, and see how much money you'd make - or lose! Game runs monthly.

"Food Wars"
1.57 MB; Based on the game "Dope Wars," you go from supermarket to supermarket buying and selling food to grocers.

GameBiz places you as an director of a game developer company in the year 1983. Compete with EA, Atari and many more, while developing games for multiple platforms like Playstation 2 and Nintendo.

5 MB: "Gazillionaire" is shareware and considered "a cross between Monopoly set in outer space and Wall Street in wonderland."

"Industry Player"
You start off with a set amount of money, and work your way to building a corporate empire. The game is played online with other registered users.

Invest in future movie releases in "MiniMogul." Take a chance on which movies will be the next big hit in this free online game.

"Musical Manager 3"
Your goal is "Musicial Manager 3" is to manage a band and make them successful. This version of "Musicial Manager" is graphic based.

"Rich Man Game"
Rich Man Game is an massive multiplayer online game, that tests you business sense. You'll expand your business, take over others, and more.

"The Second Chance For Mankind"
5 MB; "The Second Chance for Mankind" is a shareware game of ecnomics. You're job is to build a metropolitan area.

"Ticker Tycoon"
4 MB; This game is a stock market simulation game. The shareware version is limited to 30 turns.

"Transit Executive"
"Build transit systems, make profits, and take over the competition in this real time strategy-simulation game." The game is still in the beginning stages of development.

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