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Computer Simulation Game Cheat Codes & Hints

Cheat codes are codes that were put in a game by the developer to give gamers an edge when they are struggling with a level. Browse our collection of cheat codes for simulation games.
  1. Cheat Codes for Games # - E (14)
  2. Cheat Codes for Games F - J (10)
  3. Cheat Codes for Games K - O (13)
  4. Cheat Codes for Games P - T (27)
  5. Cheat Codes for Games U - Z (7)
  6. Computer Action Game Cheats
  7. PC Game Cheats/Strategies

Why Use Cheats?
Should you use cheats or not? Cheating can get you past a tough level, but will it mean as much if you do?

Cheating in Online Games
Dave Spohn writes about the history online cheating and the methods and lengths gamers go to cheat.

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