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Free City Building Sim Games

City building games are about building and managing an empire or city. They are excellent strategy games, that provide hours of enjoyment. Usually the only limitation is your imagination. Download a free city building sim and support the independent developers who make them!

"LinCity-NG" - A Free City Building Game
Download a free city building game, LinCity-NG. It is similar to the original SimCity. LinCity-NG is free, so you have nothing to lose!

Free Game: "C-evo" (PC)
Download a free game based on Civilization: C-evo. Create the ultimate civilization and rule the world with Steffan Gerlach's C-evo.

"City Creator"
Not your tradition city building sim. In "City Creator" you'll design a city using premade buildings, people, and vehicles.

"FreeCiv" is a great alternative to "Civilization." This free sim involves strategy and thought on your part.

A city building game similiar to "SimCity." The graphics are also simliar to "SimCity Classic." A stable free game.

"Lord Monarch"
The goal in "Lord Monarch" is to expand your territory and conquer other countries. There is a great online manual available to help you get started.

"Mobility" is a city building game similar to "SimCity." The focus is on solving economic and transport problems. The shareware version is a full working copy, but the save option is disabled.

In Widelands, you are the regent of a small tribe. You start out with nothing but your headquarters, a kind of castle in which all your resources are stored. In the course of the game, you will build an ever growing settlement.

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