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Minecraft Block Types


11. Moss Stone

Moss stone is essentially fungus-covered cobblestone, with green streaks of moss growing atop the stone's surface. It is exclusively found in Minecraft's dungeons, and it functions like cobblestone.

Primary use: building.

12. Obsidian

Obsidian is an extremely durable, distinctive-looking block type that is only found near lava. Ten obsidian blocks are used to create a purple-hued portal to Minecraft's underworld realm, the Nether.

Primary uses: building, portals.

13. Coal Ore

Coal ore can be identified by black flecks on what otherwise looks like a stone block. You'll usually find it anywhere you'll find stone -- particularly in mountains, caves and cliffs. Each coal ore block generates coal for use in creating torches, smelting things in a furnace and powering mine carts.

Primary use: crafting

14. Iron Ore

Iron ore, identified by tan flecks on a grey block, is found deep underground. Smelting iron ore in a furnace will generate iron ingots used to make stronger types of armor, tools and weapons. An iron ingot is also required to make the flint and steel tool, which will allow you to start fires at will without having to master pyrokinesis.

Primary use: crafting.

15. Gold Ore

Gold ore is needed to make gold ingots, used for the same purposes as iron but with less durable results. You can also use the ingots to create gold blocks, for a more decadent look to your palatial estate. Of course, you'll be the only one in the world to admire it, as monsters don't seem all that impressed by overt displays of wealth.

Primary uses: building, crafting.

16. Diamond Ore

Diamond ore generates diamonds, surprisingly enough, which is the strongest material available for crafting armor and tools. While you can also create diamond blocks with the diamonds, they're impractical for building since the ore is so rare. Keep digging deep underground until you find the block type, which features light blue flecks on its surface.

Primary use: crafting.

17. Redstone Ore

Grey blocks with crimson flecks are redstone, a relatively common ore type that has several interesting uses. Destroying this ore block will generate redstone dust, used to build various mechanical contraptions in Minecraft. Some of the objects you can create with the dust include a compass, clock and wire, which when combined with pressure plates and buttons, activate doors and other devices.

Primary use: crafting.

18. Lapis Lazuli Ore

If you see a grey block with dark blue flecks, it's Lapis Lazuli, a rare ore that contains blue dye when broken. Use the blue dye to create Smurf-blue blocks, blue wool, and so forth.

Primary use: crafting.

19. Netherrack

As suggested by its name, Netherrack is exclusively found in the Nether. A reddish version of moss stone, netherrack is a nice block to use if you want to build an imposing structure with blood-like walls.

Primary use: building.

20. Soul Sand

This Nether-exclusive block type behaves in a manner similar to quicksand, slowing those who cross over it. Soul sand doesn't have much practical use in a residential application, but as a trap or defense, it works quite well. If you have to have enemies, it's best that they have a difficult time trying to reach you.

Primary use: building traps.

21. Glowstone

Found only in the Nether, glowstone gets its name from its light-emanating blocks.

Primary use: building.

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