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There are multiple versions of "SimCity" available. The first one, "SimCity Classic," was released in the early 90s, while the latest version, "SimCity 4," was made available early 2003. You might not want the newest version, or maybe you want multiple versions, read about each release to find out which one appeals to you the most. Games are listed in order of release.

1. "SimCity Classic"

This is "SimCity" in its most basic form and has very primitive graphics. However, it’s a game I’ll always go back to. You'll build residential, commercial, and industrial areas without all the options of newer versions.

2. "SimCity 2000"

For some, this is their favorite version of "SimCity." This game was a great improvement over the classic version. There are more tools and better graphics. New zoning, buildings, scenarios, and network play are features of "SimCity 2000."

3. "SimCity 3000 Unlimited"

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"SimCity 3000 Unlimited" is an expanded version of "SimCity 3000." This version offers scenarios, new graphics, disasters, Building Architect Plus, and Asian and European building sets. There are also new features the advanced player will enjoy, such as creating scenarios. Customize your cities by importing player made buildings without leaving the game.
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4. "SimCity 4"

"SimCity 4" is the city builder that will always get mentioned when talking about which of the latest city builders to buy. It has the details, graphics (although many still wish it was in true 3D graphics), and the new features to warrant buying, even if you have an older version. "SimCity 4" introduces regional play. Now your cities can be interconnected and work out deals to benefit everyone.

5. "SimCity 4: Rush Hour" Expansion Pack

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The first expansion pack for any "SimCity" game is for "SimCity 4." The expansion pack focuses on transportation and making our lives as mayors easily. There are 10 new types of transportation, U-Drive It! missions, new landmarks, buildings, and bridges.
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6. "SimCity 4 Deluxe"

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"SimCity 4 Deluxe" includes both "SimCity 4" and the expansion pack, "Rush Hour." Buy this version if you don't have the original "SimCity 4" and the expansion pack.
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7. "SimCity Societies"

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"SimCity Societies" is taking a new approach to city building. Previous versions have focused on managing the smallest details of running a city. "SimCity Societies" will focus on the culture - energies - of the city. Buildings will be individually placed (no zoning this time). You create the atmosphere and feel of the city.
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