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"The Sims 2" Skin Downloads : Clothes, Hair, Makeup

Sims in "The Sims 2" can be customized right down to their eye make-up. "The Sims 2 Body Shop" give Simmers more control over the appearance of Sims. Download make-up, hair, and perfect clothes to outfit your Sims, by downloading skins created by gamers just like you!

eXpress Sims

Express Sims has clothes for the women and toddlers. The kid's pj set with the paw prints going up the leg are being put in my game for sure! Another must-see is the laundry room set.

Digital Perversion

Clothes, makeup, and hair for Sims with a wild side. Or maybe just one that feels the need to dye their hair purple.

Curvalicious Sims 2

Clothing for your curvy Sims! The everyday clothing is something I could see myself wearing. The houses at Curvalicious have a classic style that will never go out of style.

Class Sims

Clothing for the Adult female who demands style, not frumpy clothes. Formals, casuals, seasonal, and swimsuits are all here.

Carmen's Toddlers

In the market for cute toddler clothing? You must check out Carmen's shop. Adorable casual clothing and a Disney collection for the tots! Don't let the name fool you through. She has lots of clothes for other Sims.


Adelle has gorgeous dresses. This Sims' clothing shop pays close attention to detail. Tops, bottoms, undies and hair are posted too.

All About Style

This is a starting point for good looking clothing for the elder life stage. Casual, formal, sleep wear, and other categories of clothing for both men and women. There are also a skins for other ages.

Around the Sims 2

High quality, classic design, and fun are words that can be used to described the work here. Around the Sims 2 had quality clothing for all ages, boys and girls included.

CatLily's Sims

Country cute skins for toddlers. A few hair styles and clothing for adults.


Original 3D curtains, paintings, chairs, and small room sets. There is a section for skins, however, they are not divided by age group or gender.


Edenstyle has good looking recolored object sets of Maxis objects. Clothing and makeup are up to download as well.

Elstone Designs

Elstone Design has many genetics (like makeup) to be used for creating Sims.


Lipsticks, eyes, hair, and Sims can be found at Haleane. The quality is some of the best you'll find.

Lyran 2.0

A must-see clothing site for "The Sims 2." Lyran has detailed casual clothing for your Sim families.

Mango Sims

Clothing, objects, and houses are up for downloading at Mango Sims. The clothing has a fun flair that expresses personality without offending the elders. Excellent, high quality downloads here.


Organza has clothing and houses. There are small houses, with the minimal decorations and new Downtown lots. Updates are clearly marked.

Racheloni Sims

Casual, everyday clothing for both male and female, and children are at Rachelonis.

Sim Chic

Sim Chic's slogan is "Skins for the Stylish Sim." This is very true indeed. If your Sim demands to be wearing what the latest celebrities have on, they should subscribe to Sim Chic.

Simcredible Designs 2

A collection of original 3D objects and clothing with noticeable attention to the small details.


Clothing (normal, casual looks) for kids and women, makeup, eyes, and a couple of room sets. One of those room sets is an adorable Care Bear nursery.


New hair meshes (some long hair) for females, many in 4 colors. With a donation, you get access to more hair meshes.

Simply Styling

Clothes that show some skin for adult and young adult Sims. Lipsticks and other makeup items in a range of colors.

Sims by Sarhra 2

Casual, everyday clothing for adult and child female sims. New skin tones and makeup are secondary sections.

Sims Connection

Original hair meshes and clothes for the Sims who demand to dress with style. The objects section includes items for home and community lots.

STP Sims2

A selection of make-up (lipstick, blush) and genetics, with clothes for females. The night clothes for male toddlers and teen girls are a must-look. Now available at The Sims Resource.

Under Your Skin

A source of casual clothing for male and female Sims of all ages.

XM Sims

Many skins (and objects) to download at XM Sims. The majority of the downloads are for women with a few for men. The clothes are unique and are not simply recolors of Maxis skins.

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