1. Technology

Combat Simulation Games

Conduct war in the air, sea, and land. Combat games are action packed and generally graphically intense. Recreate war battles by playing historical combat games.
  1. Austerlitz (2)
  2. Battlefield 1942 (8)
  3. Battlefield 2 (9)
  4. Call of Duty (3)
  5. Combat Mission (3)
  6. Cossacks (6)
  7. MOH: Pacific Assault (3)
  8. Medieval Total War (3)
  9. Pacific Storm
  10. Star Wars GB (3)
  11. Steel Beasts (2)
  12. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (3)

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy
Details on Battlefront.com's Combat Mission: Fortress Italy for PC and Mac.

Arma II: Army of the Czech Republic
Details on Bohemia Interactive's Czech Republic add-on for Arma II: Combined Operations.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944
Details on Iron Front: Liberation 1944, a war simulation game

Conflict: Desert Storm
Details on Conflict: Desert Storm, a squad-based combat game developed by Pivotal Games.

Arma: Cold War Assault
Details on Arma: Cold War Assault, Bohemia Interactive's military combat simulation that was originally released as Operation: Flashpoint.

Arma 3
Details on the third entry in Czech developer Bohemia Interactive's Arma series of military combat simulations.

"Universal Combat: A World Apart"
"Universal Combat: A World Apart" is a stand-alone expansion for "Universal Combat." The game adds more campaigns, characters, and vehicles.

Mastering Shooters
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