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Computer Hardware - What's Inside Your Computer

Games are becoming more powerful and demanding with each new year. Aging computers will need to be upgraded to play games that take advantage of the latest and greatest technology. We are here to help you learn about RAM, hard drives, and video cards that will improve your gaming.
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Gaming Peripherals


Computer Shopping Return and Exchange Policies
Know the store's return and exchange policies before making your purchase. This could save you lots of money and aggravation!

Should you upgrade or buy a new computer?
Computer games are becoming more demanding with each new release. If your computer is just barely or not meeting minimum system requirements it may be time to upgrade or buy a new computer.

What Computer Should You Buy?
A quiz that will help you find the computer with specs that will do everything you want to do on your computer.

How to Build Your Own Desktop Computer on a Budget
Mark Kyrnin gives you a list of parts that you'll need to build a computer on a budget.

Tips on Buying a New Computer
Information on what the minimum specs a new computer should have and other tips to get the best computer for your money.

Joystick or Yoke?
Which should you fly with - a joystick or yoke?

Bose Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System Review
Michael Klappenbach recommends this speaker system to those who are "looking for high quality sound for PC gaming with the added benefit of less wires and a speaker free desk."

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Review - A Keyboard Made for Gamers
A review the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard was made for gamers. We put the gaming keyboard to the test.

Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse Review - A Mouse a Gamer
Not just any computer mouse will do for gamers. Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse may be the mouse some gamers want and need. The review has more details.

How to Install a Graphics Card
Step-by-step details on how you can install a graphics card. It's not that hard and you can save a few bucks by not having someone do it for you.

Flight Sim Accessories
Hardcore flight sim fans will want more then just a good graphics card. Yokes, rudder pedals, headsets, and joysticks are hardware options flight simmers should consider buying.

Upgrades: Right on the Money
Sure you could upgrade your old computer. But just remember not all upgrades are created equally. Some are a waste of money and time.

Top 3D Video Cards Under $200
Replacing your old video card does not have to be expensive. Discover the video cards available for under $200.

Best DVD Burners
If you download a lot or play many different games, backing up on DVD is one of the fastest ways. Instead of 650 megs of space on a CD, you'll have a few gigs of space on a DVD. So all you downloadaholics out there, consider getting a DVD burner to save your precious items.

Top IDE Hard Drives
You're going to need lots of hard drive space to just install new games. Hard drive prices are excellent for the number of gigs you can get.

Best Sound Cards
If you spend a lot on speakers, you are going to want to get the most for your money by making sure you also have a sound card that will take advantage of those fancy speakers.

Buying Video Cards for Games
Buying a new video card for games can be complicated as the technology advances. Read tips on buying video cards.

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