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ESRB Rating:

T for Teen

Release Date:

October 6th, 2006

"Desperate Housewives" Description:

Explore and become part of the gossip in Wisteria Lane, by creating a character that is new to the neighborhood. As the new character, you have a new storyline to play through. You'll meet up with all the ladies of the neighborhood.

"Desperate Housewives" Features:

  • Brenda Strong takes on the role as the narrator, the same Mary Alice Young from the TV show.
  • Original storyline written by "Desperate Housewives" writer.
  • Customize appearance, decorate your house, and go shopping.
  • Mini-games that include gardening, poker with the girls, and cooking.
  • Solve mysteries on Wisteria Lane by flirting, sneaking around in other character's homes, entertaining, and spying.
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista Required.

Is "Desperate Housewives" For You?:

"Desperate Housewives" could be a fun choice, if you go into the purchase knowing what won't be getting a deep life simulator. The gameplay is shallow and the characters are exaggerated. On the plus side, the controls are easy to learn and you get a new story to play.

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