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Legacy Interactive

"ER" Release Date:

June 2005

"ER" Game Description:

"ER" is based on the popular TV series, and promises to build upon the drama of the show. You are a new intern at the hospital are challenged with small problems, like bruises, and major emergencies like gang violence. Like the ER TV show, medical issues aren't the only situations you'll encounter as you work to gain prestige in "ER." There is also romance and ethical issues that you'll have to work through.

"ER" Game Features:

  • Voice and likenesses of ER cast members including Noah Wyle, Mekhi Phifer and Sherry Stringfield.
  • Full real-time 3D environments and characters with 360° camera rotation.
  • Create your doctor, with 6 different fields of medicine in which to train.
  • Be challenged with a variety of disorders and emergencies.
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