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Sim Games for the Family

Computer games are not just for teenage boys. There are many well done computer games that are family orientated. Games that are meant for young gamers, that often times teach them a lesson about life. We help guide you through understanding ESRB Ratings and find the family games that you and your child can enjoy together.
  1. Lemonade Tycoon
  2. RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
  3. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
  4. Safari Photo Africa (2)
  5. Zoo Tycoon
  6. Zoo Tycoon 2

Understanding ESRB Ratings
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates games based on the content and rates them based on the age level that the game is appropriate for. Games rated M for Mature and AO for Adults Only should never be bought for young children. Depending on the child and your beliefs some games rated T for Teen are okay for preteens. Just be sure to check the content that is Teen rated.

Barbie Games
Take Barbie on adventures in these Barbie games designed for young girls.

"Pony Luv" Review (PC)
The objectives of Pony Luv, a computer game, is to care and compete your pony. Kids (girls especially) who love ponies will enjoy watching their pony exercise, compete, and have fun at the park.

"Pony Luv" Demo
Love, fed, and compete with a pony that depends on you for all its needs. The demo allows you to try "Pony Luv" for 60 minutes with no features disabled.

Computer Games for Kids Ages 6 to 9
A list of computer games that young children (ages 6 to 9) would be able to play.

Games for Young Gamers (Preteens)
There are lots of simulation games out there. It's not easy to tell which is a good game for children. Below are my top picks for families to play together. The games listed have education value and are very fun to play.

Computer Simulation Games for Teens
Help finding the perfect computer simulation game for the teen gamer.

"Backyard Baseball 2007"
"Backyard Baseball 2007" is designed for kids and still uses the baseball players kids idolize. The kid versions of MLB players are in "Backyard Baseball."

Geography Computer Games
About's Geography Guide gives his picks for the best computer games that involve geography.

Video Game Tips for Parents
Suggestions of how parents can best make informed decisions about games they purchase for their children. The list includes checking the ESRB Rating, carefully read the packaging, and by talking to other parents.

7 Steps to Make Games Good for Your Kids
Games can be good for kids and their parents! Create the right environment and buy age appropriate games is a start. The bottom line is to get involved and play a few games with them yourself.

Pet Games

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