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Computer Flight Sim Games

Flight sims give you the chance to be a pilot of just about any plane or helicopter you've wanted to fly. The genre of flight simulations has come so far over the last few years. Graphically they may be intense with the realism keeping flight fans on actively involved.
  1. Aces High (1)
  2. Apache Havoc (3)
  3. Attack on Pearl Harbor (3)
  4. B-17 Flying Fortress (2)
  5. Battle of Britain (5)
  6. Battle of Britain 2 (4)
  7. Comanche 4 (4)
  8. Combat Flight Simulator 3 (5)
  9. Crimson Skies (3)
  10. Enemy Engaged 2 (1)
  11. European Air War (3)
  12. FA Iraqi Freedom (2)
  13. Falcon 4 (2)
  14. Fighter Ace (3)
  15. Flanker 2.5 (2)
  16. Flight Unlimited 3 (1)
  17. Heroes of the Pacific (4)
  18. IL-2 Sturmovik (3)
  19. Jane's Attack Squadron (1)
  20. Lock On Modern Air Combat (3)
  21. Microsoft Flight Simulator (39)
  22. Rowen's Mig Alley (3)
  23. Strike Fighters Project 1 (4)
  24. WarBirds 2004 (3)
  25. WarBirds III (2)
  26. X-Plane (3)
  27. Xtreme Air Racing (2)

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers
Details on the arcade-style flight sim game, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, for PC.

Dogfight 1942
Details on City Interactive's computer version of its World War II flight combat game, Dogfight 1942.

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII (PC)
Details on the PC version of Damage Inc., a flight combat game set in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.

Guns of Icarus Online
Details and information on Guns of Icarus Online, a team-oriented flight combat game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Moon Breakers
Details on the free-to-play space combat game, Moon Breakers.

Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn
Details on the fan created, free-to-play computer game, Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn.

Miner Wars 2081
Details on Miner Wars 2081, an open-world space simulation for PC.

Microsoft Flight
Details on Microsoft Flight for the PC platform.

Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters
Details on the computer version of Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters.

Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII
Details on Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII for PC

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
Details on flight combat game Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for PC.

Take On Helicopters
Details on Czech-developer Bohemia Interactive's Take On Helicopters for PC.

DCS A-10C Warthog
Details on Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog from Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Collection.

"Air Battles Sky Defender"(PC)
Air Battles Sky Defender puts you in the sky battling in the English Channel during Word War II. The flight sim is made for those ready to jump into action.

Buy a Joystick
Don't just buy the first and cheapest joystick you can find. Consider all the options and find the best joystick for you and the games you play.

What You Need for Realistic Helicopter Simulation
You can't perfectly simulate a helicopter with a computer game, but with the right software and equipment you can make the experience relatively realistic.

Top Flight Simulators
The genre of flight simulations has came so far over the last few years. The realism the games have to often keep fans coming back.

Joystick or Yoke?
Which should you fly with - a joystick or yoke?

Computer Pilot Magazine Review
Computer Pilot is a magazine that is perfect for devoted flight simulation fans.

Flight Sim Accessories / Hardware
Hardcore flight sim fans will want more then just a good graphics card. Yokes, rudder pedals, headsets, and joysticks are hardware options flight simmers should consider buying.

Gifts for Flight Sim Gamers
Gift ideas for gamers who love to play flight simulation games. Including new flight sim games and hardware.

MiGMan's Museum of Flight Simulators
Wondering what types of flight sims were released in the 80s? This is the site for you. MiGMan's Museum of Flight Simulators has info about flight simulators since they started.

Flight Sim Books
Text of classic flight simulation books, including Learning to Fly with Flight Simulator and A Flight Simulator Odyssey.

Flightproject International
FPI describes themselves as, "virtual pilots and controllers come together throughout our FPI skies to join each other in an enjoyable atmosphere offering real-to-life aviation services." So join, download software and chat with other virtual pilots for free.

RC Plane Master
A flight sim game that has you flying model airplanes. Many screenshots, videos, and downloads are posted to help you learn more about the flight sim.

FS Aerospace Central
FS Aerospace Central has a large collection of downloads for a variety of flight simulators. Got the need to download something or if you are just looking for something new, you'll find something to download.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Details on World War II flight combat sim IL-Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover.

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