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Aces High II
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"Aces High II" Description:

"Aces High II" has both online and offline play. The online world (subscription is required) is set in the World War II era with planes from the major countries involved in the war. The free part of "Aces High II" is the offline training and LAN play.

An extensive training manual will walk you through playing the game and online etiquette.

"Aces High II" Features:

  • "Aces High II" is a WWII combat flight sim. Work together in teams to bring down the enemy.
  • Choose aircraft from a number of a countries, including Russia and Germany.
  • In game voice chat supported.
  • Join or start a squad.
  • Online play requires a subscription, 2 weeks free trial.
  • Offline play through training missions, practice, and LAN.

Download "Aces High II":

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