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"FlightGear" is an open-source simulation worked on by a community of programmers and gamers.

Release Date:

First released in 2002, continues to be improved on today.

"FlightGear" Description:

"FlightGear" is an open-source project developed by a community of gamers looking for a solution to their needs the publishing giants was not solving. You won't find a flashy game here. Realism is what it's all about. "FlightGear" comes with jets, helicopters, and commuter planes to be flown all over the world. Scenery from all over is available, as well, as additional aircraft.

"FlightGear" is an excellent introduction into the flight sim genre. Work through the tutorials from in the manual. It is the best way to learn the shortcuts and get your plane in the air.

"FlightGear" Features:

  • Over 20,000 airports from around the world.
  • Fly during the day or at night complete with the moon and stars.
  • Development is focused on realistic flying, not on fancy graphics.
  • Small and large planes, as well as helicopters, are on the flight list.

Download "FlightGear":

Download FlightGear, then read the manual for tutorials
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