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Download Free Sports & Racing Games

Manage a baseball game, play soccer, try your luck at tennis, or play hockey. There are free sim games for almost every time of sport. What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

"Football Superstars"
"Football Superstars," an online (and free!) sports game for soccer star wannabes. Your job is to not function as the coach, instead work on one player's career. Games are played in matches of 3 to 11 on each side. Your team mate is another player online at the same time you are. No playing against computer players! Matches are setup based on your ability.

"TrackMania Nations Forever" : Free Download
Download the full version of the racing game TrackMania Nations Forever for free. Trackmania Nations Forever comes with 65 progressively difficulty tracks.

Free Game: "Bygfoot Football Manager" (PC)
Bygfoot Football Manager (soccer for Americans) is a free simulation game. The free game can be downloaded from the developer's Web site.

"Bush League Baseball"
Cat Games and MLB worked together to bring Bush League Baseball to life. The online baseball sim game challenges you to beat other regular gamers.

"Bird Hunter"
Hunt photo realistic birds in the free sim game Bird Hunter.

"Baseball Mogul 2006" Free Download
Download "Baseball Mogul 2006" for free now that the new version is out. It's a full version, no restrictions on gameplay.

"CannonSmash" is a free 3D table tennis game. There may be a few bugs in the game.

From website: "You snowboard down 10 different trails collecting tokens and hitting jumps. Save your game and watch an instant reply of it."

"Eat The Whistle"
From the website: "Eat The Whistle is an opensource soccer game originally developed by Hurricane Studios as commercial product for the Amiga platform."

"Footy" is a DOS text based soccer game. Download the game and view screenshots.

"Hobosoccer" is a fun soccer game with low system requirements. An easy way to pass time.

A basektball game of 1-on-1.

"Robot Auto Racing Simulator"
From website: "It consists of a simulation of the physics of cars racing on a track, a graphic display of the race, and a separate control program (robot "driver") for each car."

"Sim Dynasty"
"Sim Dynasty Baseball allows you to draft a fictitious franchise, set your rotation and lineup, groom prospects in the farm system, make blockbuster trades, and much more." - Official Description

Manage baseball or football in this web based game. Challenge other coaches to a game or two!

"Speedballer Extreme"
A paintball game in photographic graphical style. The shareware version can be used forever, while the full edition is available for a small price.

"Strategic Baseball Simulator"
A text based baseball simulator that is available for Windows and DOS.

"T1 Car Racing Simulation"
An open source racing game that is built around having a good time racing, rather than perfect physics.

"The Tao of Soccer"
From website: "TOS is a multi-player real time soccer simulation game. In this game, human controlled soccer players compete with or cooperate with AI controlled soccer players. The game is implemented in Java using client-server architecture."

A good looking open source driving sim game.

"Vamos Automotive Simulator"
Vamos is a 3D driving simulation. The graphics are decent. At the time this link was added, the game was in alpha stage.

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