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Download Game Demos : Titles H - M

A directory of free game demos to download. By downloading a game demo, you get a feel for the gameplay.

"Heroes of the Pacific" Game Demo
Download the game demo for Codemaster's Heroes of the Pacific, a flight sim based on World War II.

"Hollywood Mogul"
8.19 MB; Run your own movie studio in the business sim "Hollywood Mogul."

"Homeworld 2" Game Demo
Homeworld 2 is a strategy space sim game. Download the demo to try a couple of single player missions.

"Hotel Giant" Demo
97 MB; Design and manage a hotel with this demo of "Hotel Giant."

"Hunt for the Red Baron" Demo
Get behind the controls of a WW1 fighter plane in the Red Baron.

"Industry Giant II" Demo
42 MB; "Industry Giant II" makes you an entrepreneur in 1900. Build your business from the ground up, from processing raw materials, building transportation networks, and watching sales trends.

"Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis" Demo
Download the demo for the simulation/strategy game, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. In this game, you create a theme park.

"Kudos Rock Legend" Game Demo (PC)
Got the musical talent and the looks to be a rock star? Maybe your character in Kudos Rock Legend does.

"Law and Order: Justice is Served" Demo
There are two demos for Law and Order Justice is served. Download the demo or play an online demo for Law and Order Justice is served.

"Lemonade Tycoon" Demo
Download the 4 meg demo of "Lemonade Tycoon" to understand the hype.

"Links 2003"
Download the demo for Microsoft's popular computer golf game.

"Links Course Challenge - Chateau Whistler" Game Demo
Challenge yourself with Microsoft's Chateau Whistler golf course. Download the demo of Links Course Challenge and test your golf swing.

"Lock On: Modern Air Combat"
Take to the skies with the combat flight sim game, "Lock On: Modern Air Combat." You'll fly American or Russian jets.

"Locomotion" Demo
There are two versions of the demo for Chris Sawyer's Locomotion. One demo has music and the other doesn't.

"Madden NFL 2004" Demo
66.5 MB; The playable demo features the Oakland Raiders vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"Mall Tycoon" Demo
41.3 MB; Build the mall of your dreams in "Mall Tycoon."

"MechWarrior 4: Vengeance" Demo
67.1 MB; This demo is limited to 4 different Mech types for the MechLab, and engage in an instant action battle.

"Medieval Lords" Demo
A demo of the Medieval city building game, "Medieval Lords." The demo limits you to play on one island.

"Medieval Total War" Demo
Download a fully playable demo of "Medieval Total War." The demo is rather large at 235 megs.

"Mig Alley" Demo
47.2 MB; "Mig Alley" is a flight sim that takes place during the Korean War. Download a fully playable demo of "Mig Alley" from your choice of mirror sites.

"Monopoly Tycoon" Demo
47.9 MB; This demo has one scenario and introduces game features.

"Moon Tycoon" Demo
39.6 MB; "SimCity" goes to space! "Moon Tycoon" is a city building game on the moon.

"MoonBase Commander" Demo
56.3 MB; Your quest is to build a large and powerful empire on the moon. Download the demo from your choice of mirror sites.

"Moto Racer 3"
As the name implies, this is a motorcycle racing game. You can race on two tracks with this demo.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator X" Game Demo
A playable game demo, with 3 missions, is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The missions have one level aimed at your playing level.

"Majesty 2" Demo (PC)
Download the Majesty 2 demo. The Majesty 2 demo will give you a preview of ruling your own kingdom.

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