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Download Game Demos : Titles N - S

A directory of free game demos to download. By downloading a game demo, you get a feel for the gameplay.

"NASCAR Racing 2003 Season"
119 MB; Sierra's "NASCAR Racing 2003 Season" racing sim has many of the same features offered in the previous version. Drive your favorite NASCAR on 23 real-life tracks.

"NASCAR Racing 3"
24.6 Mb, Brought to you by the NASCAR Racing About.com Guide.

"NASCAR Thunder 2003"
82.5 MB; Gear up for stock car driving in EA's NASCAR Thunder.

"Need for Speed : Underground" Demo
Drive popular cars through city streets in the racing game developed by Electronic Arts.

"Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2" Demo
92.4 MB; This demo lets you play two cars available in the game.

"Need for Speed Underground 2" Game Demo Download
Download the demo of the racing game Need for Speed Underground 2.

"Neighbors from Hell" Demo
19 MB; Get revenge on your neighbor at least in "Neighobors from Hell."

"NFL Head Coach" Game Demo
Download the game demo for the pc version of NFL Head Coach. The NFL Head Coach has some limitations.

"NHL 2003" Demo
47.3 MB; The demo features one single player hockey game.

"Out of the Park Baseball 2006" Demo
"Out of the Park Baseball" is a baseball management game, that requires you to make the decisions of a professional major league coach. Sim up to 6 months of a season before the demo runs out.

"Patrician II" Demo
39.6 MB; "Patrician II" is a trading simulation set in North Europe during the 1300s. This game can also be played over the internet.

"Photo Hunt in Hawaii" : Computer Game Demo
Go on a photo safari in search of items that are commonly found in Hawaii with the game Photo Hunt in Hawaii.

"Pizza Frenzy" Game Demo Download
You are the pizza delivery person in Pizza Frenzy. Download the demo and play for an hour as you test your memory and reaction skills.

"Plant Tycoon" Demo
Breed and cross-breed plants to discover all the magic plants. Download the demo of "Plant Tycoon" and try out the game with no limitations for 60 minutes. Made by the developers who created "Virtual Villagers."

"Plantasia" Demo
Plant seeds and watch your flowers grow, while keeping insects away in an arcade-style game. The demo allows for 60 minutes of play.

"Political Machine, The" Demo
Be the campaign manager for John Kerry or George Bush in The Political Machine. Download the demo to play through a few weeks of a campaign.

"Pony Luv" Game Demo
Love, fed, and compete with a pony that depends on you for all its needs. The game demo allows you to try "Pony Luv" for 60 minutes with no features disabled.

"Port Royale"
Go on an adventure and visit different worlds with Port Royale.

"Railroad Pioneer" Demo Download
Begin a railway company in the early 1800s, and work through campaigns to move your company across the nation.

"Rails Across America"
In "Rails Across America," your job is to make decisions for a railroad company. Play starts in 1830 and extends to the near future.

"Real E$state Empire" Demo (PC)
Real Estate Empire pits you against 4 competitors who are trying to buy houses, making improvements, and sell for a profit. Download a demo of Real Estate Empire to try the game for one year (game time).

"Restaurant Empire" Demo
142 mb; Rule the restaurant business with this sim game.

"Rock Manager"
97.2 MB; In this sim game you take the role of a rock band manager. You need to get them singing, and sign a album deal.

"RollerCoaster Tycoon 2" Demo
Download the demo for Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, the sequel of the popular rollercoaster building sim game.

"RollerCoaster Tycoon 3" Demo
The RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 demo has playable tutorials and a playable mission.

"RollerCoaster Tycoon" Demo
The "RollerCoaster Tycoon" demo allows for 15 minutes of play time.

"Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth" Demo
Download the demo of the Safari Photo Africa Wild Earth, a computer game suitable for kids and faimly.

"Sailors of the Sky" Demo
A flight sim game that you will have gliding across the sky. Download the Sailors of the Sky demo today.

"Saints and Sinner Bowling" Demo
Go on a bowling tour with a "motley crew" around the United States. Try to collect as many good luck charms as possible, and maybe you'll win the tournament.

"School Tycoon" Demo
Construct academic, entertainmnent, food, and sports buildings for your students. School Tycoon is about managing a campus and keeping your students happy.

"Scream Machines" Demo
6.5 MB; "Scream Machines" lets you design and ride your own rollercoasters.

"Shady O'Grady's Rising Star" Game Demo
Become a rock star - at least virtually - in Shady O'Grady's Rising Star musicial simulation game. Download the demo to give Shady O'Grady's Rising Star a play.

"Ship Simulator 2008" Game Demo (PC)
Download the demo for Ship Simulator 2008 and try out one mission in the sailing sim game. The file size of the Ship Simulator 2008 demo is 150 megs.

"Ship Simulator" Demo (PC)
Ship Simulator, a computer game, demo is limited to one port and a patrol boat.

"Sid Meier's Railroads!" Demo Download (PC)
Sid Meier's Railroads is a railroad empire building simulation game. The demo shows a slice of what Sid Meier's Railroads involves.

"Sid Meier's SimGolf" Demo
39.3 MB; This game puts you in charge of designing and managing a golf resort.

"SimCity Societies" Game Demo (PC)
"SimCity Societies" cities grow based on culture, behaviors, and societal values of the residents and businesses, not on taxes and services.

"SimTower" Demo
1.15 MB; The objective - build your own tower, complete with office buildings, apartments, and entertainment.

"Singles Flirt Up Your Life" Demo
In this game you play two characters and try to get them to form a relationship, to eventually have intimate encounters.

"Space Colony" Demo
112 MB; A large download, but gives a good taste of the game's gameplay.

"SpaceStationSim" Game Demo Download
Build a space station with "SpaceStationSim," a computer game about making the International Space Station.

"Spring Break"
Build and manage resorts for college kids going on Spring Break.

"Star Trek Bridge Commander" Demo
112 MB; Take command of a starship and investiage the case of a solar eruption. Demo includes the first three single player missions and Quick Battle.

"Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds" Demo
70 MB; Test out the real time startegy game "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds" with this demo.

84.6 MB; Your objective is to rebuild and reunite surviving people in an alien empire in "Startopia."

"Stronghold" Demo
57 MB; "Stronghold is a unique cross between city builders such as Caesar III or Sim City and a RTS in the tradition of Command & Conquer and Age of Empires. Set in medieval Europe, players establish settlements, build and manage castles and engage in siege warfare."

"Supple" Demo (PC)
Download the demo for Supple, a life sim game similar to The Sims. The demo of Supple allows for 60 minutes of play.

"Sushi Frenzy" (PC) Game Demo
Like Cake Mania, your job is to serve customers their order as quickly as possible in Sushi Frenzy. Instead of cake, it's sushi!

"Oval Office" Demo (PC)
Be the President of the United States. Download the Oval Office demo. You'll have a limited time to play the demo.

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