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Download Game Demos : Titles #s - G

A directory of free computer simulation game demos to download. By downloading a game demo, you get a feel for the gameplay and can avoiding paying for a game you don't like. A win-win situation!

"1503 A.D." Demo
165 MB; You learn of opportunities, power, and fortune available in a New World. Being adventurous you decide to set sail to the New World in hopes of becoming wealthy and gaining power.

"1602 A.D." Demo
24 MB; The year is 1602 and you are with a band of settlers trying to find a new home. On the journey you are faced with many challenges.

"18 Wheels of Steel Across America" Demo
Download the demo for the truck driving sim 18 Wheels of Steel Acoss America.

"80 Days" Demo Download
Download the demo for 80 Days, a computer game based on the book.

"Age of Empires II : Age of Kings"
You are challenged to make a small nation into a great civilization that influences the world.

"Age of Mythology" Demo
345 MB; This game is similar to "Age of Empires," except the gameplay is set in Ancient Egypt.

"Age of Sail 2" Demo
33.2 MB; "Age of Sail 2" realistically portrays sailing and combat from 1775 to 1820. Your choice of 11 nations to battle on the seas.

"Airpot Tycoon 2" Demo
58 MB: Airport Tycoon 2 manage the building and operating an international airport.

"Alpha Centauri" Demo
49 MB; Two versions of the demo are available - with or without the intro video.

"American History Lux" Demo
Recreate the wars that shaped the United States, from the colonization to America to recent wars.

"American History Lux"
Recreate the battles in American history using historically accurate maps. The battles start from the colonization of America to the war in Iraq.

"Apache Havoc"
Fly a helicopter with the "Apache Havoc" demo.

"Apprentice, The" Game Demo
"The Apprentice" will test your business skills and memory. The demo for "The Apprentice" is available online.

"Attack on Pearl Harbor" Demo
Fly the planes of World War II and engage the famous battles during the same time period. You jump right into the action and start battling within seconds.

"Austerlitz Napoleon's Greatest Victory" Demo
"Austerlitz Napoleon's Greatest Victory" puts you in the middle of the battle between France, Austria, and Russia.

"Back to Baghdad"
18 mb; Finish the Gulf War from the early '90s.

"Baseball Mogul 2002" Demo
"Baseball Mogul 2002" is a strategic sports game. You take on the role as the manager, instead of actually controlling each player.

"Baseball Mogul 2006" Demo Download
Baseball Mogul 2006 is a baseball management game. Download the Baseball Mogul 2006 demo to experience life as general manager.

"Battle of Britain" Demo
43.44 MB; "Battle of Britain" is a flight simulation that takes during the 1940s in Germany.

"Battlefield 1942" Demo
133 MB; Download the single player demo for "Battlefield 1942" to get a taste for the action.

"Battlefield 2" Game Demo
The demo contains one map that can be played single player or online. Get ready for a long download! This demo is over 500 megs in size.

"Black and White" Demo
43.4 MB; Be god and raise a creature in your image.

"Brian Lara International Cricket" Game Demo Download
Download the demo for Codemaster's cricket game, Brian Lara International Cricket. The demo comes in 2 versions, with and without commentary.

"Build-a-lot" Game Demo
Buy land or houses (or build a house), make improvements, and sell or keep for the rent. As a real estate developer, the town mayor gives you goals to meet (build a municipal building, have a number of a certain type of house, etc.). "Build-a-lot" is fast-paced with an arcade flavor.

"Bus Driver" Demo
Pick up passengers and bring them to their destination is the name of the game in the driving sim, Bus Driver. Download the Bus Driver demo to see how you'd fair at the job.

"Caesar IV" Demo
Download a demo of Caesar IV, a city building computer game based in Ancient Rome.

"Cake Mania" Demo
Download a free demo of Cake Mania, a computer game where you must make and serve cakes as quickly as possible.

"Capitalism 2" Game Demo (PC)
Download a demo of the business game, Capitalism 2. In Capitalism 2 your goal is to become a CEO.

"Casino Empire" Demo
75 MB; The "Casino Empire" demo features one casino to play. The objectives in the mission are not easily attained.

"Championship Manager 4" Demo
Be a manager of a football (American soccer) manager sim game.

"Children of the Nile" Demo Download
Play two levels of Children of the Nile by downloading the demo for the city building game.

"Ciao Bella" Demo
"Ciao Bella," a life sim, is similar to "The Sims" but with more structure and specific goals. The game is divided into 13 weeks. Each week you are give a list of objectives that will help the character eventually win over the heart of her beau.

"Cinema Tycoon" Game Demo
Manage your own movie theater, by choosing the food, movie, and equipment in "Cinema Tycoon." Get 60 minutes of gameplay in the "Cinema Tycoon" demo.

"City Life" Game Demo
Download the City Life game demo and experience the city building features within this city building sim.

"Coffee Tycoon" Demo
Download the demo and play a fully featured "Coffee Tycoon" for 60 minutes.

"Colin McRae Rally 2005" Demo Download
Download the Colin McRae Rally 2005 demo and try out single player and multiplayer options.

"Colin McRae Rally 3" Demo
Get the total rally driver experience as you become the globe’s greatest rally driver – Colin McRae.

"Comanche 4" Demo
60 MB; "Comanche 4" is a fast-paced action shooter in the sky. You'll get to fly the U.S. Army's RAH-66 Comanche. The game is intense and easy to control. You can play single player and multiplayer.

"Comanche 4"
60 MB; "Comanche 4" is a fast-paced action shooter in the sky. You'll get to fly the U.S. Army's RAH-66 Comanche. The game is intense and easy to control. You can play single player and multiplayer.

"Combat Mission : Beyond Overlord" Demo
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord takes you from Normandy 1944 to Germany 1945 on World War Two's Western Front.

"Cute Knight" Demo
Guide a young girl as she searches for herself - the perfect career and a husband. "Cute Knight" has great replay value, as it has multiple endings that take time to discover.

"Deer Drive" Game Demo Download
Download the demo of Deer Drive, a deer hunting computer game. Deer Drive features common animal (deer, bear, moose, and more) to hunt.

"Democracy" Game Demo Download
A computer game that simulates what it is like to run a country. Download the demo for Democracy.

"Demonic Speedway" Demo
"Demonic Speedway" is a sports game that has special features like driving in different weather situations.

"Diner Dash 2" Demo
Flo is back and busier than ever! "Diner Dash 2" has four new restaurants that Flo tries to save from being demolished, by keeping the customers happy and served quickly.

"Diner Dash" Game Demo
Help Flo work her way from a small diner to a five star restaurant in Diner Dash. Download the demo and get 60 minutes of play.

"Diner Dash: Flo on the Go" Demo
Take orders, serve diners, and keep the customers happy as you run from table to table in an attempt to save the restaurant. "Diner Dash: Flo on the Go" is a fast-paced game, that is good for catching a few minutes of gaming time.

"Dope Game" Game Demo Download
Become a druglord in the computer game, The Dope Game. Download the demo before buying to get a taste for the game.

"Down in Flames" Game Demo
Based on a popular card combat game, download Down in Flames game beta demo.

"Dungeon Keeper 2" Demo
This is a multiplayer demo for the dungeon sim game.

51.3 MB, Test out this combat flight simulator. Play with either keyboard, keyboard/mouse, or joystick. There are several campaigns for you to try.

"Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom" Demo
127 MB; "Emperor" is a city building sim set in ancient China. The demo includes six tutorial missions, three single player missions, and one multiplayer scenario.

"Eye for Design" Demo
Halle lost her job as an interior designer. She'll have to start from the bottom by decorating homes on a small budget. Halle will need your help, of course! The customer has a list of requirements (some optional) the room must meet. You place select furniture and pictures for all types of rooms.

"F/A-18 Hornet Gold" Demo
"F/A-18 Hornet Gold" is combat flight sim with realistic, high quality graphics. [For MAC]

"F/A-18: Operation Iraqi Freedom" Demo
Fly the Marine/Navy F/A-18 through the terrors of war in the flight sim "F/A-18: Operation Iraqi Freedom."

"F/A-18: Operation Iraqi Freedom"
28 MB; Fly the skies of Iraq in a Marine F/A-18 in this combat flight sim game.

"F1 2002" Demo
54 MB; The "F1 2002" demo features Albert Park with the Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, and Sauber teams.

"Fairy Godmother Tycoon" Game Demo
The Fairy Godmother needs help getting her stores back in order and she's picked you to do the job. The game demo comes fully featured and with a time limit of 60 minutes.

"Family Feud"
At About's Arcade Center, you can download a demo for "Family Feud." You can play by yourself or with someone. You compete against average scores of guessing the answers from 100 people, over competing against the computer to get the answer right first.

"Far West"
Be a rancher in the Wild Wild West!

"Fish Tycoon" Game Demo
Download the game demo for "Fish Tycoon," a fish breeding game, developed by Last Day of Work.

This is almost the perfect game for "Bejeweled" and "Fish Tycoon" players. Money to buy items and fish are earned through beating levels of a puzzle game similar to "Bejeweled." I say almost perfect because the aquarium aspect could use some depth. Breeding, buying and selling fish would keep it interesting.

"Flanker 2.0" Demo
37.4 MB; "Flanker" is a combat flight sim, that newbies will love. With this demo you can play a simplified instant action mode, and two pilot missions.

"Freelancer" Demo
150; Explore the Liberty System of "Freelancer" in this demo.

"Funky Farm" Game Demo
Raise sheep or pigs in "Funky Farm." The game demo gives you an hour to play.

"Glory of the Roman Empire" Game Demo
"Glory of the Roman Empire" is a city building simulation that brings you back to the times of the Roman Empire.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator X" Game Demo
A playable game demo, with 3 missions, is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The missions have one level aimed at your playing level.

"Cities XL" Demo (PC)
Download a playable demo of Cities XL. Create your online Cities XL account and web page. Cities XL demo is limited to 22,000 residents.

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