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"Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball" Review (PC)

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"Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball"

Logo © Wolverine Studios.
Developer: Wolverine Studios
Publisher: Wolverine Studios
Platform: PC
Genre: Sports Management

The Bottom Line: There's no reason not to try "Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball." It has the depth and options that'll keep you going back to try something different.

"Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball" Features

  • Make all the decisions or play as the coach or general manager. The positions have to work together to run the team.
  • Create the league under your own terms.
  • Customize a character to represent yourself.
  • Manage the starting lineup and substitutions.
  • Online multiplayer leagues.
  • Customization of teams, logos, courts, jerseys, owners, general managers, coaches and players.

"Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball" Review

Screenshot © Wolverine Studios.
Gary Gorski is the man behind Wolverine Studios. He has released multiple text sports simulations, such as "Total Pro Golf" and "Total College Basketball." You can't go wrong with either - as long as you like the sport of course. "Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball" continues the basketball series.

Upon starting "Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball," you'll create a league and make a slew of decisions about how the league will function. User control (whether you want to be head coach or head coach/general manager), the names of teams, league divisions, and restrictions are chosen. You can just be the head coach and have a more limited role in the decisions. It's a nice addition, just not something I see myself using much. Overall setting up the league and coach settings is a quick and easy process.

If there is something that is confusing you, when setting up the league or any other time, help is a click away. Help comes in the form of a 54 page pdf file that takes you through each part of running the team. Great for beginners or just to make sure you aren't missing anything.

Your first stop after setting up the league is in your new office. This will be starting point and bring you to all areas of the game you need to access. Your office comes complete with magazines, newspaper, PDA, computer, file cabinet full of rosters, play editor, and telephone. Communications and news from the resources I listed keep you informed on latest related to your team.

You need good players to win. Rosters can be edited by who starts, the depth chart, and how and when substitution occur. All of which can be done by clicking and dragging or checking boxes to change the bench chart or subs. Each player has a profile with basic stats regarding their performance and potential.

Seasons can pass as quickly as you'd like. Days or entire weeks can be simmed as wanted. Or if you want to enjoy each moment of a season, you can watch each game. Games are shown on a court with shirts representing players move around the court shooting and passing the basketball. The shirts seem to cheesy at first, but really I'm not sure how the play would be better represented in a text management game.

Screenshot © Wolverine Studios.
"Draft Day Sports Pro Basketball" is not for gamers who are looking for an action packed basketball game. It is an enjoyable game for stat aficionados who appreciate the finer details managing a pro sports team. There's a demo so you have nothing too lose.
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