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"Miss Management" Review (PC)

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"Miss Management" - The Office

Screenshot © Oberon Games.
Publisher: Oberon Games
Developer: Gamelab
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: July 2007


  • Funny office story
  • Challenge to balance work and personal needs of workers


  • Can only hold one item
  • Repetitive

"Miss Management" Features

  • Manage the office work and the workers' needs.
  • Assign work to the employee it's best suited for.
  • Play 30 levels with 3 stars to earn for each level.
  • Employees have their own strengths and annoyances.

"Miss Management" Review

Managing office work is a tough enough job to begin with. "Miss Management" has you juggling office work and assigning the work to the best employee suited. That right there is where a lot of games would stop. "Miss Management" adds in the challenge of clashing personality traits and needs.

Learning "Miss Management" takes minutes. The tutorial goes on longer than what it needs to. Move work to desks, people to objects. Simple.

After the tutorial, you are given the freedom to move forward through the levels (or episodes) and repeat them as wanted. There are 3 stars of completion. One level for the required objectives and the second and third for extra goals and within a time frame. There aren't any advantages to earning all 3 stars that I could find. I just went with completing the minimum and moving forward.

The goals given change in each episode, but have common themes. You may have to buy certain items at the store, get so much work to one employee, or have an employee talk or do an activity for so long. Of course, the employees all have wants that are another employee's pet peeves. One will want the AC on, another will get angry that it's on.

It's a constant battle of dealing with the workload (type of work is always changing) and the personalities. One level gives you the goal of having the AC on for so long, while it makes another become angry. The anger can be taken care of by giving employees food or coffee, or by letting them do something they enjoy. Some like to draw others want to cook food that everyone else hates the smell of.

The story isn't half bad and actually comical at times. I found "Miss Management" to be good gaming for a couple of hours. It wasn't a game that I couldn't wait to play after I got about halfway done.

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