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"The Sims 2 Teen Style" Stuff Pack Review (PC)

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The Sims 2 Teen Style Stuff Pack Cover

"The Sims 2 Teen Style" Stuff Pack

Box Cover © Electronic Arts.
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Maxis
Release Date: November 6, 2007
Genre: Life Sim
ESRB Rating: T for Teen


  • Clothing that teens would really wear
  • New hairstyles with hats
  • Decorative objects just for teens


  • Cost vs number of new items (buy it on sale!)

"The Sims 2 Teen Style" Features

  • New objects, hair styles, and clothes just for Teens.
  • 40 new objects each with multiple color choices.
  • 13 floors, 20 new wallpapers.
  • 9 female hairstyles (4 hats, 4 hand bands, 1 ponytail).
  • 9 male hairstyles (5 hats, 3 visors, 1 layered look).
  • New teen female clothing: 20 everyday outfits, 5 pajamas, and 4 athletic outfits.
  • New teen male clothing: 28 everyday outfits, and 4 athletic outfits.
  • "The Sims 2" required.

"The Sims 2 Teen Style" Review

"The Sims 2 Teen Style" - New Teen Room

Screenshot © Electronic Arts.
The outcries for more attention to the Teen Sims have been heard! "The Sims 2 Teen Style" comes with objects and clothes that fit the age group perfectly. The clothes are superbly done and in a style other age groups would not get away with wearing. You'll have to like hats on Sims to appreciate the new hairstyles. Only one male hairstyle is without a hat. The same for the girls, except instead of only hats, there is a few with headbands.

My favorite additions of the stuff pack are the objects. Some of the new objects (all of which are designed to be for teens' bedroom) are purely decorative and serve no purpose other than to increase the environment score. There are new beds, chairs, a computers, and dressers too. But the cork boards, posters, and collage of posters are my favorite. They are what really had to the feel of the teens' bedroom. Now if only "The Sims 2 Teen Style" had a dirty laundry object, my teens’ bedrooms would then be complete.

The Bottom Line: "The Sims 2 Teen Style" is a good buy for gamers who enjoy the teen life stage.

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