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"The Movies" Game Review

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The Movies

The Movies


The Bottom Line

The stars of Hollywood have captured the minds and hearts of many. Now it is time to create your own celebrities. Managing a movie studio is not easy in "The Movies." It's challenging, offers lots of details as you follow the movie creation process, and has something for everyone. For hours of gameplay and enjoyment, "The Movies" belongs on every gamer's computer.
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  • easy to learn
  • decide how much help & advice given
  • sandbox mode
  • create your own movies
  • use the Star Maker to make actors and actresses


  • repetitive gameplay
  • micro-management of areas that could be automatically done


  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Lionhead Studios
  • Release Date: November 2005
  • Run your own movie studio, starting from the early days of creating movies to present time.
  • Make your own movies by using existing scenes and sets and actors available in your studio.
  • Fire, hire, and help actors and actresses gain experience in different genres of movies.
  • Fire and hire scriptwriters, researchers, janitors, builders, and a camera crew.
  • Build your own stars with the Star Maker tool and customize their looks and personality.
  • Share your movies with friends and family, and post them online to "The Movies" community website.

Guide Review - "The Movies" Game Review

Making a movie is not an easy job, as you'll find out in "The Movies." There are buildings to construct, talent to discover, and staff to hire. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up to having a profitable, well-known movie studio.

Time progresses from the 20s to present time, more costumes and sets become available. You can either create your own Stars or hire ones that show up on your doorstep hoping they'll get a job. You will be a part of the entire movie creation process from hiring the actors and scriptwriters, to choosing the cast, sending the movie to be shot, and then released.

"The Movies" can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. In the sandbox mode you decide if the stars act out, how much money you get, and how often you get help, among some other settings. Help is always there (if you want it be) to guide you along when you first start playing. This made learning the game very easy and the way the tips and reminders are delivered fit naturally in with the gameplay.

The movie making aspect is incredibly detailed. I didn't play with it a lot, but long enough to be impressed. Fans have already created excellent videos that can be seen on "The Movies" community website.

If you decide to buy "The Movies," you can count on hours of involved gameplay. There are multiple strategies to try, movie scripts to develop, and awards to be won. "The Movies" is one game you shouldn't miss out on playing.

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