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The Basics of Sim Games


Getting into a new hobby can be confusing and sometimes darn right overwhelming if you have no idea of the direction you should be heading. For current gamers, we can lead you to the popular sims and to the hidden gems of the genre. New gamers - don't worry! We are here to guide you through understanding the hardware, finding and installing your new sim game.
  1. What are sim games?
  2. Sim Gaming Tips
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  3. Gaming Hardware

What are sim games?

Sim games imitate real life. Anything from managing a pro sports baseball team to running your very own ice cream truck is possible!

Sim Gaming Tips

There are a few things every gamer should know about, not just sim gamers. These tips could save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Browse Sim Games

Know what kind of game you want? Browse through our listings of type of sim games to find your next game (or info on your favorites).

Free Sim Games

Why buy a new game when you could get one for free! The games we have listed were created not by major labels, but by independent developers looking to find their way into the gaming world. Support the smaller developers by downloading their games and letting them know what you think.


Need some cash? Just want to make the sim more open-ended? Or maybe you'd like to customize game's formula. In most sim games it's as easy as entering the cheat mode using combination of keys and then type in the cheat.

Gaming Hardware

In most cases you won't have a problem running new sim games if you have a computer made in the last three years. You should check the system requirements to double check on older computers. You may be lucky and only need to upgrade one part.

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