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Computer Gaming Cheats, Tips, and Help

Many questions about computer gaming are about specific games. There are some questions that are commonly asked about gaming in general or can be applied to multiple games. This section will provide tips, hints, and help about the general aspects of computer gaming.
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Steam Summer Sale 2012
Details on the games offered during Steam's annual summer sale for 2012.

Black Friday 2011 Game Deals
A list of the best places to purchase discounted computer games during Black Friday 2011.

Steam Holiday Sale 2011
Details on the games offered during Steam's annual autumn sale for 2011.

Steam Autumn Sale 2011
Details on the games offered during Steam's annual autumn sale for 2011.

Best Things About Sims Games
Simulation games are adored by many. I have a list of reasons why you should start playing sims games.

Get Started Gaming
Gaming is not just for teenage boys! Anyone can get into gaming. Really! Sure there are a few computer terms you may not know yet. This shouldn't stop you from trying out simulation games.

Lost Serial Number for Computer Games
Losing your case with the serial number to install the game doesn't have to end with you buying a new copying of the game. Instead to get your serial number back.

No-CD Patches
If you are an avid gamer you probably have to switch CDs all the time. No-cd patches solve the problem by making it so the game doesn't check to see if the CD is in the drive.

Virtual CD Software : Alternative to No-CD Patches
Virtual CD software is a good solution for not having to put CDs in the drive to play games.

Game Jackal Review - No More Switching CDs with Game Jackal
Game Jackal takes care of the problem of never being able to find your game CDs and having to switch CDs to play your favorite games.

Installing Computer Games
To make sure the game installs correctly, there a few steps you need to take each time you install a new game.

Preventing Wrist Pain
You need to take a break playing computer games, or else you will end up with hurting wrists. About's Ergonomics Guide has tips on how to prevent wrist injuries.

Microsoft Games Advisor
Microsoft XP Games Advisor makes finding out if a game will work on your computer a little easier.

Optimize Computer Game Performance
Don't let a sluggish computer ruin your gaming experience. Learn how to keep your computer and games running smoothly by following my tips.

Play a Computer Game in Windowed Mode
Most computer games will take over the whole screen when you play. You can play most of them in a window. This how to is for Windows users.

Computer Simulation Games 101
This guide will help you learn more about simulation games, whether you are a newbie or thinking about trying one. You'll find helpful info about a variety of topics.

How to Make a Desktop Shortcut
Most of the time when installing computer games they ask you if you want to create a shortcut. But just in case during installation you wasn't asked, here are the instructions on creating a shortcut.

Play DOS Computer Games in Windows XP
Windows XP makes it difficult to get DOS games to play. All is not lost, there are a few different steps you can try.

Organize Your Game CDs
Don't let your game boxes and CDs take over your life.

Create a Game Fan Site
Creating a fan site for your favorite game can be rewarding and hard work. Get some tips on where to start before you start creating your site.

Game Pre-order Details
Five things to look for when deciding to pre-order a game.

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