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People Sims

People sims involve managing or overseeing human beings in a variety of settings. Games such as The Sims and Virtual Villagers attempt to simulate human interactions.
  1. Black and White (3)
  2. Black and White 2 (11)
  3. Dungeon Keeper (2)
  4. Kudos (6)
  5. Partners, The (1)
  6. Singles 2: Triple Trouble (4)
  7. Singles Flirt Up Your Life (6)
  8. Spore (11)
  9. The Sims (360)
  10. The Sims 3 (58)
  11. The Sims Castaway Stories (2)
  12. The Sims Life Stories (3)
  13. The Sims Medieval (11)
  14. The Sims Pet Stories (2)
  15. Virtual Villagers 2 (3)
  16. Virtual Villagers 3 (2)
  17. Virtual Villagers: New Home (12)

The Sims FreePlay
Details on The Sims FreePlay for iOS devices.

"Virtual Villagers" Games (PC)
The islanders of Virtual Villagers are waiting for you help to solve the puzzles of their island. Follow the islanders through journey by playing all the Virtual Villagers games.

"Escape from Paradise" Review
There's no avoiding mentioning "Virtual Villagers" when talking about "Escape from Paradise." Both are deserted island games. The difference is that the survivors of "Escape from Paradise" are actually trying to get off the island, not just discover the mysteries of an island.

"Supple" Game Demo
It's a life sim in 3D and similar to "The Sims 2." Instead of working on family life, you are given an avatar who's mission is to earn a promotion in this first episode of "Supple." Office politics plays a part in who gets the job.

Sims to Make You Smile
While the primary allure of a computer sim is the sense of realism it conveys, the subject matter doesn't necessarily have to be dry or humorless. In fact, the genre is rife with titles that satisfy one's need to construct, command and control, but also to grin, giggle and guffaw. Here are five computer titles, in no particular order, that are...

The Sims Social
Details on The Sims Social, a spin-off of publisher Electronic Arts' best-selling life simulation series, designed specifically for Facebook.

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